Video Requests

Thank you for your interest in purchasing video from The following are the appropriate steps to take in placing your order. Please do not leave any steps out as it may only delay processing your request.

The dubs can be ordered on DVD and cost $25 per dub. (If you want the same story, but from another time it aired, it goes up $25 for each airing.) The check MUST be included in the request you mail to We only provide one (1) copy of each requested news story, so please do not ask for multiple copies.

Keep in mind that we only save our morning and evening newscasts in high resolution for 30 days, so place your order quickly. Additionally, we do not sell our raw video. The only video you will receive will be that which comes from our on-air product.

Send a written request (no fax, online, or e-mail requests will be accepted) which includes the following:

  • The date your video appeared
  • Specifically what video you want
  • The specific newscast in which your video appeared
  • Your name, address and phone numbers
  • A check made out to KWTV for $25 (or for whatever amount covers the number of newscasts you want. The order cannot be processed without the check - if we're unable to fill your request, your check will be returned.)
  • Contact Video Requests at (405) 286-6623 if you have any questions.

Send requests to: Video Requests
7401 North Kelley
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

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