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One Scrimmage Down for the Pokes...

Scrimmage number one is in the books for the Cowboys. Most reports were good from the players and coaches we spoke to afterward. You could tell the offensive players were okay with how things went, but not satisfied with giving up a couple of sacks... Full Post

By Chad

T-Row's Top 25...No. 17 Oregon State...

If Oregon State is on my television I always stop and watch. The Rogers boys are electric. Jacquizz may have the best highlight reel of any player in college football today. The tiny terror rushed for 1,440 yards last year and caught 78 passes for an... Full Post

By Toby

Feeling Good About the Future, Finally...

When I looked at Sean Sutton's face at his press conference Friday, the first word that crossed my mind was...relief. He looked like a man relieved to be free from a burden. A man relieved to have a new sense of hope. A man relieved to once again be... Full Post

By Chad

Tyson and Tiger...

In my lifetime I cannot remeber two athletes as imposing as Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods in their primes. When you watched them, you felt like there was nothing their opponents could do if \"Iron Mike\" or Tiger was on his game. Tyson was the K-O kid.... Full Post

By Chad

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