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Sam Cashes In Without Playing a Down...

Congratulations to Sam Bradford! He proved, once again, that he is a man of his word. Bradford is in camp, as he said he would be, signed and ready to go for the Rams first practice on Saturday at 3:00. And congratulations to his agent Tom Condon f... Full Post

By Chad

He's No Bama QB, But He's Got Game...

I’ve witnessed 57 before on a golf course by a playing partner. I won’t dare give up his name, but we silently mutually agreed to not keep his score on the BACK 9. Meanwhile, down in Mobile, Alabama, a young man who turns 18 this weekend sped to hi... Full Post

By John

Mack steers clear of any kind of controversy...

Just wrapped up with Texas meeting with local TV stations. The Horns were schooled up to provide appropriate answers to questions that were not overly probing. I mean, how can you ask a new QB something controversial when summer workouts aren’t even... Full Post

By Dean

Feisty Stoops wonders perception of OU-Texas roles reversed...

The message from Bob Stoops was loud and clear. He’s unwilling to listen to the talk that Texas is on top of Oklahoma. That its four wins in five seasons is proof that the pendulum has swung. Four OU players were impressive in their TV question and... Full Post

By Dean

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