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Getting to the bottom of the Florida hat thing...

This whole thing with the radio reporter in Arkansas losing her job for wearing a Florida Gators hat to a Razorback news conference has been pretty well discussed in most corners already, but one extension of it has been some media looking at the big... Full Post

By John

T-Row's Top 25...No. 15 Arkansas...

For the record. I am not wearing a Florida Gators hat while I write this blog. Ryan Mallett has NFL scouts drooling. The giant, 6'7, riflearm quarterback for Arkansas had a huge season in 2009 (3,624 passing yards, 152.5 passing efficiency, set or... Full Post

By Toby

T-Row's Top 25...No. 16 USC...

Each morning on my radio show for the next five weeks Ill be counting down my preseason college football Top 25 with some pertinent info about each team. It is without a doubt the most insignificant and unreliable preseason Top 25 youll find anywhere... Full Post

By Toby

When ignorance is not bliss it can drive you to the press box...

It’s okay to expect greatness. Tiger Woods makes five foot putts for all the butter because he “expects” to make them at least it was that way before the darned fire hydrant down there in Florida up and hit him which led to uncertainty in his life wh... Full Post

By Dean

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