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T'Row's Top 25...No. 1 Ohio State...

We have reached the pinnacle of this five-week endeavor. And the most meaningless, irrelevant, unreliable college football poll in the nation concludes with the Buckeyes at #1. Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State won their final six games in 2009, includ... Full Post

By Toby

T-Row's Top 25...No. 2 Virginia Tech...

I love the Hokies this year and here's why...Frank Beamer has an offense. We know Beamer will always have a defense and always have the best special teams in the country. Add to that formula a formidable offense and you have a national title contende... Full Post

By Toby

Crystal Ball breakdown of OU FSU game says tight fit in store...

QB EDGE: FSU Christian Ponder is duel threat, mature leader who was remarkable in game 1.The scheme’s a perfect fit for his strengths and Ponder will test OU’s unproven cornerbacks. Sooner blitzers best be ready for his quick feet because he ru... Full Post

By Dean

View from the Sidelines...OU vs Utah State...

Optimism turned into panic in about three hours Saturday night for Sooner Nation. Bob Stoops told me after the game "it doesn't feel like we won." I think there are a lot of people echoing that sentiment after a 31-24 much closer than expected victor... Full Post

By Toby

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