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Count me in for Tiger and The Open at 3AM...

Only two things can get me up at three in the morning: the size of my bladder and Tiger Woods at the Old Course. Yes, like you, I am disgusted with the off-the-course antics of golf’s indoor gymnast. Being a captain of the Tiger Fan Club does not m... Full Post

By Dean

I love the Midsummer Classic...

Baseball has always had the best All-Star Game. College Football has the best regular season. The NFL has the best championship game. College basketball has the best playoffs. And the NBA has the most entertaining in-arena product. But, baseball ha... Full Post

By Toby

Impact of The Boss...

I have so many thoughts regarding the passing of George Steinbrenner today. His impact was so far reaching. His aggressive nature in pursuing free agents has changed the sport of baseball and now spilled over to the Yankees of the NBA...the Miami H... Full Post

By Chad

Thoughts on The Boss...

Two things came to mind when I heard that George Steinbrenner passed away this morning at the age of 80. Just about everyone places the “Boss” in that small category of meddling owner, and most baseball fans remember vividly his battles with Billy... Full Post

By John

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