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Corned Cobs, NBA and Big Dog Texas in Small Dollar Big 12...

Randomness and a keypad... -Over/Under 800 for number of kernelsof corn on a cob of corn-hint, approximately 18 rows of those yellow suckers. Source? Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds, CBS 8pm on Thursday s. -Doc Rivers is a heckuva coach. Boston... Full Post

By Dean

Golf a stress reliever for Stoops...

Coaching can be a very stressful way to make a living. Especially if you are coach at a big-time program with big-time expectations. OU Coach Bob Stoops finds golf to be a big stress reliever. Stoops keeps up with the game, knows several touring p... Full Post

By Dean

Better join in on our conference call...

Some thoughts on the hot button topic of the day. The conference realignment talk may not interest you. But if you are a real college sports fan you should pay attention. -On the surface it’s not sexy reading—just boring stuff driven by a yawner co... Full Post

By Dean

Big 12 Plus Pac-10 equals ?...

So multiple sources told WHB radio in Kansas City that Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers and Notre Dame have all been invited to join the Big Ten conference. Soon after that a report in the Kansas City Star said a source knows that Missouri is talking inte... Full Post

By John

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