Posted Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Talking Box, Brett and Bunkers

Bad injury news for two Sooners who seem to be snakebitten.  Austin Box has had knee and elbow problems in the past and now a back flareup.  Whitney Hand has had knee and finger injuries in the past and cant seem to get the knee healthy.  With Hand, you know that she will be plugged in and contributing as soon as she is healthy.  If Tom Wort is as good as the coaches say he is, the road back into the lineup may be longer for Box.  Its unfortunate for him.  Each time it seems his time has come, something sets him back.

The only guy unhappy that the Brett Favre saga is over is LeBron James.  Thats because Favres decision happened on the same day that LeBrons GQ cover shoot was scheduled for national publicity.  The NFL is king and Favres return takes immediate precedence over LeBron making costume changes like Lady Gaga and talking more trash about his former home.  I used to dread hearing about the Favre story, but I now find it a welcome relief from LeBrons posing and posturing. 

I still think that PGA officials made the right decision in penalizing Dustin Johnson two shots for grounding his club in a bunker on Sunday.  Its a standing rule in golf and was a point of emphasis in the "local rules" list handed out to players at the beginning of the tournament.  Having said that, something needs to change before Whistling Straits hosts the PGA in 2015.  I dont care about there being an uncountable number of bunkers on the course, though I find it silly.  They can add a thousand more if they want to, but they need to keep spectators out of them.  Dustin Johnson said it never crossed his mind that his ball was in a bunker.  Thats because there were a hundred people standing in it.  As Stuart Appleby tweeted on Monday "try doing that at Augusta." 


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