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scrappdog - June 07, 2010 at 4:23:PM

  • I could care less about OU goin to the Pac-10. I believe OU is an over rated team. The fans at the home games are rude and have no respect for the National Anthem by shouting out home of the sooners instead of home of the brave. To me this is total disrespect to the men and women who sacrficed their lives for our freedom. So if they move whoopty do if they dont again whoopty do.

LanceKimball_2 - June 07, 2010 at 11:27:AM

  • Why I’m for it: A Pac 10 + Big 12 dual conferenceTV deal is not a long term solution. I’d like to play the winner of what is now the BiG 10(11) + Nebraska + Mizzou + Pitt/Rutgers in the Rose Bowl instead of going to AZ for our BCS game when not playing for the NC. I want to see OU vs. TX played at night. Instead of the 11/11:30 am CST that seems to be the case more times than not lately. I’d love to see the fair lights as the backdrop to the world’s greatest sporting event. I’d like to see TX operate without being the BIG DOG in terms of media priority of the conference. I want to see an annual Stoops-off The Nebraska rivalry was already ruined by the Big 12 An added $11,000,000.00 or more a year I don’t want to replace NE and Mizzou with TCU/Utah or BYU/Boise St. Talk about unbalance. Without NE in the North of the Big 12 the conference really gets out of whack and the conference championship game is worthless. . I wish they could figure out how to replace Texas Tech with Kansas. Can you picture the faces of the folks from Palo alto when they get to Lubbock on their 1st visit? Things I don’t like about it: OKC loses any real consideration to host a Big 16 basketball or baseball tournament. We would however likely now be able to keep the conference softball tournament that we lose if the Big 12 remains bandaged together Some fans might have to stay up past their bed time 2 or 3 time a year.


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