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blewis_2 - August 13, 2010 at 2:39:PM

  • Agreed....Langer is a top talent. His play probably warrants putting him up higher on this list but that doesn't mean he gets bumped up there. The list is more than just running backs. Is he the best running back in the state? I think so. Only one RB is ranked higher in the Top 30. As far as not being a starter the beginning of last year....that doesn't mean he didn't start in Week 1. He didn't start the year as a starter but worked his way into that role by the time the first game rolled around. His hard work in practice pushed him into a starters role

SOONER33 - August 05, 2010 at 9:00:PM

  • Hey Kyle, Why don't you get your facts right. Langer didn't start out a back-up last season, if you look at the video from last year, game 1, at Bixby, Langer started that game. As well as every game the entire season. He won the starting spot in the summer. Also, I would like to know how you rank him as the 27th best high school player, when you guys named him Oklahoma 6A MVP 2009, last year? He dominated high school football last year, unlike anyone before him. Single season rushing record, single season TD record, single game rushing record, single game touchdown record. I've heard other people say, it was Alexander and Graham, but if you remember, Dost and Jones had them and two better lineman the year before, and couldn't touch Langer's stats. Atkins, Carolina, and Kejuan had much better lineman than Langer had, and none of them can touch what Langer accomplished in 1 season. I think there might be a little reverse racisim going on. Maybe he not the right color to get the respect he deserves. I would really like to hear your explantion on how you could name him MVP last season, and then rank him so low.......


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