[ { "EntryID":"33836" ,"BlogId":"31042" ,"BlogTitle":"Better NFL-er? Clay, Murray or Hunter?" ,"BlogTeaser":"Who will make a better NFL player? Tulsa’s Charles Clay , OSU’s Kendall Hunter or Oklahoma’s DeMarco Murray ? The Kansas City Chiefs caught up with both of them at the Senior Bowl this week in Alabama. See those interviews here . Murray’" ,"UserName":"Lewis" ,"UserFirstName":"Bobby" ,"UserLastName":"Lewis" ,"UserId":"11953" ,"DateUpdated":"2011-01-29T16:41:56" ,"Avatar":"/Thumbs/uploadedimages/u_bobbyProfile.65x65-32.jpg" } , { "EntryID":"33826" ,"BlogId":"20211" ,"BlogTitle":"A Gesture by Markelle Martin" ,"BlogTeaser":"I was getting ready to board a plane in Tulsa on Friday when I bumped into OSU Associate Head Coach Joe DeForest. He was coming off the recruiting trail, heading back to Stillwater with signing day coming up this week. During our brief conversation h" ,"UserName":"John" ,"UserFirstName":"John" ,"UserLastName":"Holcomb" ,"UserId":"10171" ,"DateUpdated":"2011-01-29T12:22:10" ,"Avatar":"/Thumbs/uploadedimages/u_johnInStory.65x65-32.jpg" } , { "EntryID":"33792" ,"BlogId":"20174" ,"BlogTitle":"Quick Bubble Check" ,"BlogTeaser":"The Cowboys have lost 4 of their last 5 and stand 2 and 4 in Big 12 play. They need to win at Texas Tech Saturday in the worst way. In fact, with a home game against Missouri to follow Wednesday and then Bedlam with the Sooners next Saturday, now wou" ,"UserName":"Chad" ,"UserFirstName":"Chad" ,"UserLastName":"McKee" ,"UserId":"10165" ,"DateUpdated":"2011-01-28T20:31:01" ,"Avatar":"/Thumbs/uploadedimages/u_chadInStory.65x65-32.jpg" } , { "EntryID":"33740" ,"BlogId":"20174" ,"BlogTitle":"Justin Time" ,"BlogTeaser":"I had a great time going one on one today with OSU's Justin Blackmon. You will soon be able to see the interview here on OKBlitz.com and mark your calendar for the statewide Oklahoma Sports Blitz February 6th to see the interview featured. I'm not gi" ,"UserName":"Chad" ,"UserFirstName":"Chad" ,"UserLastName":"McKee" ,"UserId":"10165" ,"DateUpdated":"2011-01-27T18:14:38" ,"Avatar":"/Thumbs/uploadedimages/u_chadInStory.65x65-32.jpg" } ]